"Taylor Research Group has provided me and my firm with top-notch historical research on a variety of environmental projects. [They] have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to plumb the depths of public and private records repositories to piece together arcane and complex histories. They consistently are able to distill reams of information in concise and easy-to-use reports, making the information both useful and accessible. I value my professional relationship with Taylor Research Group and am grateful for their excellent work on behalf of me and my clients.” - Travis Waldron, Gallagher & Kennedy

"I am confident that without your having found and provided the transcript, we never would have known of the extent of the effort Oklahoma went to in order to use Texas demand for water to justify its reservoir projects. Thank you very much." – Craig Corona, Associate at Waterlaw in Aspen, Colorado

"The deck logs that you found for me were very useful in substantiating my claim for the Veterans, without which I don't know where I would have gotten needed information. You and your staff did a great job and I thank you all very much." – Private Client

"Taylor Research Group has always provided professional customer service and a high quality end result.  Additionally, each time they are tasked with a search, we’re provided with options that best fit our budget.” - Stacey Miller, O’Brien Law Firm

"The Sierra Club hired TRG in 2014 to research and compile ten years’ worth of data on fossil fuels-related disasters across the United States. We used the data to populate an interactive map showing the breadth of disasters and their impact on communities. TRG provided high quality data and were a great pleasure to work with throughout the process.” - Sophie Matson, Sierra Club

“Our surveying firm has used Taylor Research Group to research the National Archives for railroad maps for the last 4 years. The TRG team has been great to work with and saved us a lot of time.” - Matthew L. Martini, PLS, PP, Keller & Kirkpatrick, Inc.

"Taylor Research Group has provided our firm with outstanding research results over the past decade. They often provide research options that we would not have thought of.  Their expertise is priceless. We look forward to working with them for another decade — or more.” — Eve Marie Conaway, Brookman, Rosenberg, Brown & Sandler

“It was a sincere pleasure to work with your team. Those I worked with were extremely knowledgeable and super patient with someone who was trying to get more experience performing historical research. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to observe and learn.” - Barbie Harmon, Freeport-McMoRan Inc.

"Kelley & Ferraro, LLP has been working with TRG for ten years, during which time we have been provided prompt and detailed research to assist our clients, fair pricing, and great customer service. Our office looks forward to a continued working relationship with TRG.” - Joyce Reichard, Kelley & Ferraro, LLP

"I highly recommend Taylor Research Group to any military vet needing record searches for proof of incident or documentation regarding disability claims. The communication between us was compassionate, and the records were produced in a timely fashion. It can be quite costly to research some records, but Taylor Research Group recognized my military sacrifices and produced what I needed for much less than I expected, and I thank them sincerely." - David Jones