Taylor Research Group provides professional research services to law firms and businesses throughout the United States in high stakes environmental, commercial and civil litigation. We offer a variety of research services, including due diligence investigations to identify potentially responsible parties (PRPs) on Superfund or PCB matters to federal, state and local records reviews to understand historical operations and activities at a contaminated site.  We are known for our imaginative research solutions and ability to find the documents and information that assist our clients with complex legal and commercial issues. 

Asbestos Research

Taylor Research Group is one of the premier research companies for asbestos litigation. In our research, we regularly identify the manufacturers of boilers, turbines, pumps, valves, condensers, distillers, turbo-generators and other machinery and equipment aboard U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and Maritime Commission vessels. We also are able to frequently determine through available archival records if asbestos or asbestos-containing insulating material was present in any of the machinery aboard a particular vessel and where that machinery was located on each vessel. Finally, we regularly retrieve personal diaries and muster rolls, proving when a certain individual was aboard a ship and identifying their shipmates. 

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Toxic Tort and Environmental Research

Taylor Research Group are experts in researching historical environmental problems at industrial sites, wastewater treatment plants and Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs), manufactured gas plants (MGPs) and military facilities throughout the United States. Our work in this area includes identifying and completing research on other potentially responsible parties (PRPs), determining the extent of government involvement at industrial sites, capturing and synthesizing volumetric information and completing environmental site histories.

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Product Liability Research

Taylor Research Group is often approached by companies seeking to defend product liability claims or by firms representing plaintiffs who have sustained injuries from particular products.  Our product liability law and research specialists regularly find records in the public domain to assist with such claims.

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State/Local/Federal Government Research

The staff at Taylor Research Group is knowledgeable and experienced with federal, state and local records collections throughout the United States. With our clients' objectives in mind, we develop and execute research strategies to locate the needed information to assist our clients with their complex litigation and environmental cases. 

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Other services

Taylor Research Group provides a number of other research services for litigation and commercial clients, including:

  • Environmental Insurance Research
  • Rivers & Harbors Investigations
  • Historical Documentary Research
  • WWII and Nazi Assets Research
  • Slavery Research for Financial Institutions
  • Company History Research
  • Museum Research
  • Photographic Research
  • Real Estate Transaction & Environmental Site Histories
  • Corporate Succession Research
  • Railroad Valuation Records
  • Native American Land Rights Research and Water Rights Research
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Research
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Research Services
  • Government Contract Research
  • Statute of Limitations Research