Scott Connuck, Research Professional

Scott joined Taylor Research Group (TRG) as a junior research associate in September 2017, quickly becoming a vital part of our field research team. He has worked on a variety of projects, including research in support of environmental and toxic tort litigation and investigations into product histories, asbestos, and labor issues. Prior to joining TRG, Scott worked as an intern for a U.S. senator and as a teacher and counselor at the Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies.


  • University of Virginia, BA in Government and Environmental Thought and Practice

Professional Research Experience

  • Research into federal, state, and local records as part of an effort to document environmental contamination at military facilities.
  • Research into company records to document historical activities and polluting events at a Superfund site.
  • Research into U.S. Navy records on asbestos-related matters, including federal specifications and personnel records.
  • Collection of information on an industrial product used in underground storage tanks (UST) to assist in determining its compatibility with modern fuels.