Product Liability Research

Taylor Research Group is often approached by companies seeking to defend product liability claims or by product liability law firms representing plaintiffs who have sustained injuries from particular products. Our product liability law and research specialists regularly find records in the public domain to assist with such claims.

Historical research is often times required as part of an effective litigation strategy or during a thorough due diligence consulting investigation. Our fact finders assist law firms with the collection of relevant documentation to help prove or disprove product liability cases. Whether the case involves how a product was manufactured, packaged, delivered, set-up or if it included warning signs, both plaintiffs and defendants need to be sure they have access to relevant documentation that could make or break the product liability claim.  

Given our proximity to so many valuable repositories in the Washington, DC, area, and our expertise in knowing how and where to look for potentially relevant documents, Taylor Research Group is well-positioned to help locate the “smoking gun” that could make or break a product liability claim. Relevant historical documentation may include contemporary scientific and trade literature regarding the product in question. Such documents may show industry best practices and recognized standards, which can then be used to determine whether or not a company and/or product was in compliance. Additionally, trade literature and product manuals may confirm that the only standard for the industry in question was actually the manufacturer’s standard. Similarly, historical literature about comparable products could be used to show the existence of alternative or safer designs. Locating copies of old product instruction manuals or historical advertisements in newspapers and consumer magazines might help show whether a company provided adequate warnings to the consumer, or whether it published misleading marketing information or knowingly included a contaminant in its product.

Taylor Research Group can also help search for government agency filings, such as with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, which can provide potentially useful information regarding a company’s knowledge of particular design defects. Finally, our researchers can help to compile historical information on a specific company in an effort to uncover potential successor liability claims that might affect the decision of whether or not to proceed with a merger or acquisition.