Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Historian in Your Family

The holidays are quickly approaching. Hanukkah came and went. Christmas will be here in a few days. But there’s no need to panic. Taylor & Hammel staff are here to recommend a few gifts that if ordered now—as in today, so don’t delay!—might make it to the historian in your family just in time to sit beneath the tree, all wrapped up and looking pretty.

2013 Best Historical Books

It’s a given that all historians love to read. Thanks to lists provided by websites like NPR and Amazon, finding an appropriate book for the historian in your life is pretty easy. A slew of enticing books came out this year, covering a range of popular historical subjects and time periods. For those historians who want the straight facts, check out Lawrence in Arabia by Scott Anderson or Hitler’s Furies: German Women in The Killing Fields, a National Book Award Finalist by Wendy Lower. Several historical-fiction books also caught our attention at Taylor & Hammel, including National Book Award Winner The Good Lord Bird (James McBride) about John Brown’s unsuccessful raid on Harper’s Ferry.

Historical Magazines

There’s no way we could narrow down all the historical magazines that are available on today’s newsstands—both physical and digital—for you. But here are a few suggestions to help get you started. A familiar choice is National Geographic, but who says a one year subscription is all you need? The Complete National Geographic: 125th Anniversary Edition is a digital collection that includes every issue ever printed. And all for just $39.96. We’d call that a steal! Other options include subscriptions to American History or History Magazine. Don’t forget about your state or local historical society where you can most likely find subscriptions for local publications.

Tchotchkes & Supplies for Historians

From t-shirts to totes to coffee mugs, this site offers all sorts of tchotchkes for the historian in your life. The inexpensive options are great gifts for budget-minded shoppers. Plus, what historian wouldn’t want a shirt that reads “historian you’d be more interesting if you were dead”? Okay, maybe not the historians on the Taylor & Hammel payroll, but we’re sure there are some folks out there who would. Maybe you have a family member who has appointed him or herself the family historian. Help them build-up their arsenal of supplies for all the fascinating family history they dig up. Mylar folders and acid-free storage boxes will help them organize and protect family documents and photographs. These can be purchased from archival supply websites like Hollinger Metal Edge or Light Impressions.

We hope this list gives you a few gift ideas for the historian in your family. More importantly, we hope you all have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season with your family and friends!