John A. Taylor, Founder / President / Research Professional

John Taylor, President of Taylor Research Group and professional researcher, has worked closely over the years with Fortune 500 clients and major law firms on multi-million dollar cases. Prior to founding Taylor Research Group, he co-founded Taylor & Hammel, LLC with Matthew Hammel in 2006 dedicated to providing historical research services primarily for litigation. When Matthew retired in 2016, John re-branded the company as Taylor Research Group, which carries out the mission of Taylor & Hammel as well as offers the same professional research services to past, present and new clientele. From 2000-2006, John also served as Deputy Director of Litigation Research and Senior Historian at a history, archives, and museum company.


  • Holy Names College, BA in History with honors
  • St. Mary's College, California Secondary Teaching Credential in Social Studies
  • San Francisco State University, MA in Modern European History with a minor in Latin American History

Professional Research Experience:

  • Due diligence investigation research project to identify potentially responsible parties (PRPs) and track down corporate successors adjacent to a historic waterway in the northeast (Client: Fortune 500 Company)
  • Investigation into the history of municipal publicly owned treatment works (POTW), wastewater treatment plants, private sewers, combined sewer outfalls (CSO), etc., in order to understand the history of alterations, additions, modifications, maintenance, development and regulatory actions over time through review of federal, state and local records (Client: Law Firms and Fortune 500 Company)
  • Investigating business-government contractual relationships at a former ordnance assembly and test site in California (Client: Law Firm)
  • Collecting documentation, including contracts and indemnification clauses, on a former Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) research production facility through an extensive review of Department of Energy, Energy Research and Development Administration, AEC and Nuclear Regulatory Commission materials, as well as public and private documents (Client:Law Firm)
  • Investigation into perchlorate contamination in a western community’s groundwater to identify additional PRPs to share in the cost of the clean-up (Client: Law Firm)
  • Toxic Tort matter involving former uranium and vanadium mines, mills and tailing piles in the Colorado Mineral belt (Client: Law Firm)
  • Documenting a company’s, and its predecessor’s, relationship with hundreds of mines in the southwest (Client: Fortune 500 Company)
  • Research to identify the presence of asbestos-containing products or insulation aboard a variety of U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, Maritime Commission, and other vessels (Client: Various Law Firms & Former Military personnel)